about me

Howdy there! :) I'm crystalleoi! Well, that's my username. Welcome to my Neocities website!
I like to create art; you can see some examples of my work in the gallery, if you wish. Other hobbies of mine include playing video games, making jewelry, and collecting technology and cool rocks.


final fantasy XIV

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, with a free trial...
Jokes aside, I love this game so much...words cannot describe how absolutely enthralled I am!
My main character is Zhi Maka on Midgardsormr! I main Dancer and Monk, and have been trying to level Bard and White Mage.

mirror's edge

God, this has basically everything I want in a game. Parkour in a futuristic city!!! It's so cool!
I would immediately recommend it to anyone...as long as they don't get motion sickness.

inanimate insanity

Big surprise here! To be honest, I'm mostly focused on Meeple XD
My favorite character is MePhone5, but I love all of the other Meeples so much as well ^^


I wish squids were real
My in-game name in Splatoon 3 is MePhone5 (I'm extremely normal btw) and I usually play with Hydra Splatling, Tri-Stringer, or Explosher. I like ranged weapons if you couldn't tell :)

phantasy star online 2

I love bobot
This game is SO FUN!!! I initially got into it because I saw someone say you can play as a robot mage. And you can! And it's great!
You'll usually find me in PSO2 Classic. My character's name is DX-C2LL/A, located in Ship 3. They're a black and purple CAST ranger!